Catering and Inn of the Gourmet Museum - Tourist information of Hermalle-sous-Huy, Ferme castrale, between Huy and Liège, Wallonia

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Hermalle-sous-Huy offers you three opportunities to quench one's thirst, or to have something to eat, at :

the Café du Centre (timetables)

Pêcherie du Val d'Oxhe, Inn and restaurant (timetables), where Patrice Lepiemme suggests notably:
Dish of the day + Soup .
Week-end Menu (Saturday evening and Sunday) choice between 2 starters, 2 dishes and 2 desserts
Specialities for min 2 pers.: Côte à l'os
Barbecue at table
Chapeau tatare
Fondue vigneronne
Raclette à l'ancienne
Fondue savoyarde
Tartiflette (1 person)
Home desserts  

Inn of the Gourmet museum (timetables), managed by our non-profit making organization, where you will find there a small gastronomic catering.
An art of cooking in the manner of long ago with receipts from the 11th to 19th century and products of the soil! To discover in rooms decorated with antiques of gastronomy, in front of an opened fire, or in the shade of the parasols of a green terrace.

Extracts from the Menu of the Weekend :

Potage de Pommes Italy XV-th c. chickenbouillon and apples
Potage aux Oignons Wallonia, Gaume XIX-th c. onions' soup with tomato
Soupe au lait Wallonia XVIII-th c Milksoup
Salade liégeoise Wallonia, Liège XV-th c. French beans, potatoes, lardons
Salade aux fèves Wallonia XVIII-th c beans, potatoes, lardons, cream
Salade aux lardons Wallonia, Liège XIX-th c. Green salad, lardons, deglazed with vinegar and fried egg
Allumelle à la ténoisie  Engeland, Liber cure cocorum XIV-th c. omelet in the tansy
Saulge saulcisse  Engeland, Form of Cury XIV-th c. scrambled eggs, sage, sausage 
Omelette aux fines herbes  Liège, Lancelot de Casteau XVI-th c. omelet in the mint, sage, chive...
Oeufs à l'antidame  France, La Chapelle 1733 eggs, mixed herbs, anchovies & capers
Oeufs à la tripe Wallonia XVIII-th c eggs, potatoes, onions, milk
Matoufè Wallonia XIX-th c. "porridge" in small lardons
Crêpes de Hongrie  Liège, Lancelot de Casteau XVI-th c. "pancakes", onions-cheese-cane sugar
Macrows  Engeland, Form of Cury XIV-th c. tagliatelli, butter and cheese
Pâtes à la cassonnade Wallonia XIX-th c. spaghetti with brown sugar
Oeufs Lombards  Liège, Lancelot de Casteau XVI-th c. eggs, wine of Spain, cane sugar... 
Vôtes Wallonia XIX-th c. pancakes
Crêpes de Hongrie II Liège, Lancelot de Casteau XVI-th c. with apple and quince

Most of these recipes are in the 1st CD-Rom of the Gourmet Library,
on sale at the Gourmet Museum (

For groups

For the groups of minimum 20 persons, we also propose MUSEUM ANIMATIONS realized according to the receipts of the library:

Gastronomic animations :
- Breakfast 1 coffee, bread, butter, home jam, cooked pork meats, cheese, fruit juice
- cold Plate of the gourmet With pies of vegetables and meat
- Warm gastronomic plate gastronome Chicken, traditional Blanquette or Carbonnades in the style of Brabant
- Belgian cheeses with crudités, bread and butter of farm
- "Croustille" 4 services according to receipts of the XIV-th in XIX-th century
Apple soup - 15th century
Bonèt d'Amay (pâté) - 19th century
Conin (rabbit) with honey and spices or Orengue de Pouchin (chicken with orange) - 14th century
Pomesmoille (stewed apples with spices) - 14th century
- "Goûter" 1 coffee or thee + traditional tart

Economic animations :
- Typically Liège Curly lettuce with lardons, Meatball in the style of Liège, Tart
- From Huy to Liège by Gaume Canapé of Huy, hotchpotch, Ice
- Herve and Liège Cream cheese from Queue du Bois, Salade in the style of Liège (French beans, potatoes, lardons), baked apple
- Big Liège Herring in the style of Liège, chicken in wine, surprised Ice
- Garden of Liège Soup "meulaye", pork cutlet in the style of Liège, Fruit salad

These animations for groups, consisted of receipts stemming from the Gourmet Library, are valid from Monday till Friday (the weekend, on preliminary agreement).
A confirmation of the number of reserved meals should reach us minimum 6 days in advance in writing (Rue Gerée 10 , 4480 Hermalle-sous-Huy or e-mail).
We offer the meal to the chauffeur.
We remain at your disposal for other suggestions according to your budget or your taste :
please, CONTACT US.


 N.p.o. Tourist Information Office of Hermalle-sous-Huy (La Rawète)
in the farm "Ferme Castrale" of Hermalle-sous-Huy

province of Liège, between Liège and Huy, Wallonia, Belgium